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Poetry Publications & Awards

June 2023

My poem I can't mention trees has been accepted by green house literary

My poem days that outgrow has been published in fauxmoir Issue 5. 

Oct 2022

My poem last, cigarette has been published in Quibble Lit

Oct 2022

My poem fill in the blanks has been published in the Opening the Gate Anthology

Winter 2021

My poems practical philosophy and science, a love poem have been selected for inclusion in the Shoreline of Infinity Lit Mag.

Fall 2021

Fall 2021

My poem a grief of wildness has been selected for inclusion in the Present Tense Lit Mag.

Fall 2021

My poem what you wish for has been selected for inclusion in the “From Pandemic to Protest” Themed issue of The Poeming Pigeon. 

My poem the cruelest thing was selected as one of the second runner-ups in Emily Dickinson's poetry writing contest 2021 and for inclusion in the book, "An evening with Emily Dickinson and our literary community."

Spring 2021

My poem font was selected for inclusion in the Spring 2021 issue (issue 5) of Continue the Voice. 

Spring 2021

March 2021

My poem The Problem of Dido has been selected for inclusion in the March 2021 issue of Sad Girls Club. 

My poem always will be has been selected for publication in the “winners and losers” themed edition of Beyond Words (issue 11).

Feb 2021

My poem intrusive thoughts was selected as a finalist in the Wingless Dreamer dark poetry contest, and as such was published in their Dark Poetry Anthology.

Jan 2021

My poem antidepressant was selected for publication in Serotonin Poetry.

Jan 2021

My poem nature’s curtain was published in issue XXVI of High Shelf Press.

Jan 2021

My poem broken appears in Brown Bag’s second issue, which has the teme of kintsugi.

Dec 2020

Short Story Publications & Awards

Spring 2021

My short story The Monster was selected for inclusion in the Spring 2021 issue of Please See Me. 

Blog Posts

2017 - 2019

I wrote seven blog posts for the MIT Graduate Blog. The blog posts can be found here.

I wrote two blog posts for the MIT Office of Digital Learning. The blog posts can be found here and here.

2016 - 2017

Editorial Positions

2017 - 2019

As part of the editorial board for the MIT Graduate Blog, I have provided feedback on blog submissions, coordinated events, and assisted in administrative duties. As the technical coordinator, I was additionally responsible for uploading blogs to the website.

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